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Higher Education Debate / Talkshow

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The 14th Engaging With Vietnam Conference is pleased to announce the
Plenary Debate/Talkshow “Pressing Issues in Global Higher Education”

Joining the debate/talkshow will be scholars with rich expertise and experience in teaching, research, publication and community service. The debate has important implications for knowledge production in multiple disciplines.

Host: Phan Le Ha (Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei & University College London, UK)

Debaters / Discussants:

Catherine Gomes (RMIT University, Australia)
Tran Kien (University of Law – Vietnam National University Hanoi, Vietnam)
Shen Wenqin (Peking University, China)
Kevin Kester (Seoul National University, South Korea)

For more information about the speakers, please click on the “People” tab on the conference information page.