The EWV Hackathon

In 2017 we began a new initiative – the Engaging With Vietnam “Hackathon.”
The term “hackathon” is normally used to refer to an event where people get together to create software in a short period of time as part of a competition. The Engaging With Vietnam #Hackathon employed this format to get groups of young people to come up with solutions to various issues related to the theme of the 9th Engaging With Vietnam conference: Exploring Development, Tourism and Sustainability from Multi-disciplinary and Multi-directional Perspectives.

The 1st Engaging With Vietnam Hackathon was entitled “Interweaving Tourism, Heritage, History, Development, and Technologies.”

A few months before the conference was held, a public call for participation in the #Hackathon was sent out. 50 individuals were chosen from a pool of over 100 submissions, and were divided into 10 groups. Each group was then assigned a mentor and randomly picked a topic to address.

This initiative was led by Phan Le Ha and a team of students from various US institutions, with the enthusiastic support of colleagues in Vietnam.

“Interweaving Tourism, Heritage, History, Development, and Technologies”

The Hackathon competition was held in the Independence Palace in Ho Chi Minh City. This main Hackathon event was followed by events in Bình Dương and An Giang provinces that enabled the Hackathon participants to put their ideas into action and to offer proposals to officials and professionals involved in the fields of tourism and development.

What is a hackathon?

The 1st EWV Hackathon!

Preparing for the 2nd EWV Hackathon

We would like to thank all of the #Hackathon participants, their mentors, the judges, and the sponsors of this exciting event.

The #Hackathon at the 9th Engaging With Vietnam conference was sponsored by the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU, HCMC, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Thu Dau Mot University, Independence Palace, An Giang Province and anonymous donors. We offer all of those who supported this initiative our sincere and deepest gratitude.

We would particularly like to thank the core group of “intellectual architects” behind this first #Hackathon: Phan Le Ha, Chau Duong Quang, Nguyen Thi Hau, Pham Thai Son, Duong Nguyen Khang, Vu Minh Hoang, Ian Van Buskirk, Ung Ngoc Phuong Vy, and Ngo Thanh Loan. Thank you very much for your help and passion for this exciting initiative!