Phuong Lan Ngo

Vice President of the USSH, VNU HCM City

Phuong Lan Ngo, PhD, is an anthropologist and vice president of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH), Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City. Her research focuses on environmental anthropology, economic anthropology, cultural ecology and livelihood.

Among her many works, From Rice to Shrimp: The Behavior of Reducing Risks and Exploiting Social Capital in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam is an important scientific work in economic anthropology and the economic development of Vietnam. This research, which is based on long-term field-work data and the combination of qualitative and quantitative analyses, not only clarifies the strategy to distribute and minimize risks of farmers in the Mekong Delta, but also determines the role of social networks or social capital in this strategy. She is currently working on a new interesting research project on the development of tourism in An Giang province.

Dr. Lan’s expertise and knowledge contribute very much to her leadership. In being responsible for scientific management, she has been establishing and maintaining partnerships between USSH and universities of ASEAN, and cooperation with foreign partners to carry out the research activities. Moreover, she has been running The Center for Rural Development, which has the function of organizing research programs and applicable projects in rural development.

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