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Call for Proposals

The 13th Engaging With Vietnam (EWV) Conference will be held from 23-31 October 2022 in conjunction with the International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities 2022 at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

Conference Theme: “Knowledge Production in the Age of Metrics and Global Rankings”

When the first Engaging With Vietnam: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue (EWV) conference was held in Melbourne, Australia in February 2010, the issue of Vietnam’s “integration” (hội nhập) into the world of global scholarship was a topic of great interest. At that time, such integration was still in the process of development, and it was not clear which approaches and practices would become the norm at Vietnamese universities in the years ahead.

Now, over a decade later, as we prepare to hold the 13th Engaging With Vietnam conference, we find that Vietnamese universities, like many universities around the world, are becoming ever more integrated into a global rankings system. Further, many scholars in Vietnam and around the world now find that they must meet certain “key performance indicators” (KPIs), such as annually publishing in international journals of a certain rank, so that they can produce metrics that benefit their respective university’s ranking.

In keeping with the core interest of EWV on the issue of knowledge production, the theme of the 13th conference will be “Knowledge Production in the Age of Metrics and Global Rankings.”

While we will welcome proposals on all topics in the Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts, Education and Interdisciplinary Studies relating to Vietnam, we are particularly interested in learning and discussing about how the current emphasis on metrics and global rankings is affecting knowledge production about Vietnam, both in Vietnam and globally. Likewise, we are keen to explore how such emphasis is impacting these disciplines with regards to research, scholarship and training of upcoming scholars.

As such, the keynote sessions, talk shows, and other events that are one of the hallmarks of EWV, will engage with different aspects of this phenomenon. Meanwhile, we encourage participants to also submit individual proposals and panels that address this issue.

However, as always, we intend for this conference to include panels on a wide range of topics pertaining to Vietnam, and therefore, also welcome individual proposals and panels that advance research on Vietnam in the Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts, Education and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Comparative research that places Vietnam in relation to other (national) contexts is highly welcomed. In the same vein, proposals that focus on comparative discussion and analysis between/among countries including Vietnam are also encouraged.

Types of Proposals

Deadline for Proposal Submissions: 31 July 2022
Notification of Acceptance: By Mid-August 2022

The focus of EWV 13 is “Knowledge Production in the Age of Metrics and Global Rankings,” but proposals for EWV 13 may involve topics from all disciplines in the Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts, Education and Interdisciplinary Studies that deal with Vietnam, although we also will consider proposals about other parts of the world if they can provide a comparative perspective to proposals on Vietnam.

We welcome various types of proposals, from individual presentations to organized panels, or roundtable discussions and art exhibitions and film screenings.

Note: participants at EWV 13 may only present one (1) paper, however, they may participate in another capacity in other forums, such as serving as a chair or discussant for an organized panel, or participating in a roundtable discussion, etc.

You can always email us if you need more instructions or clarifications at engagingwithvietnam[at]

Individual Presentations


In-depth Roundtable Discussion Sessions

Art Exhibitions/Installations/Workshops

Movie/Documentary Screening

Deadline for Proposal Submissions: 31 July 2022
Notification of Acceptance: By Mid-August 2022


Details coming soon.


Following our publication projects initiated from the previous EWV conferences, we will continue these projects with the 13th EWV conference.

After the conference, full papers will be invited for consideration for publication in edited volumes or special issues of journals published by international publishers.

***Please note no publication is guaranteed until all papers have passed peer review and satisfy the requirements of each publication project.

Contacting EWV

Queries and questions can be directed to EWV conference email: engagingwithvietnam[at]

You can also keep up to date with Engaging With Vietnam by following us on social media.

EWV 13 looks forward to meeting you in Ho Chi Minh City in October 2022!

Warmest wishes,

Founders of Engaging With Vietnam

Phan Le Ha (Universiti Brunei Darussalam) & Liam C. Kelley (Universiti Brunei Darussalam)

EWV 13 Conference Convenors

Phan Le-Ha (UBD), Liam C. Kelley (UBD) & Jamie Gillen (University of Auckland)

Members of the EWV 13 Organising Team (regularly updated)

Le Thuy Linh (Monash University), Ngô Thị Phương Lan (USSH HCMC), Lê Hoàng Dũng (USSH HCMC), Phạm Tấn Hạ (USSH HCMC), Tran Anh Tien (USSH, VNU HCMC), Mai Thi Kim Khanh (USSH, VNU HCMC), Joel Windle (University of South Australia), Min Pham (University of South Australia) + Others to be announced soon.


Le Thuy Linh (Monash University), Chau Huy Ngoc (USSH, VNU HCMC), Ngo Thi Diem Hang (University of South Australia) & Dang Thi Phuong Anh (USSH, VNU Hanoi)