May 2021 Update:

Given that EWV 12 and ICAS 12 will now be held virtually, we have received inquiries from colleagues who are are interested in participating since travel is no longer necessary.

To accommodate such interested participants we are re-opening the call for proposals. The deadline to submit is 31 May 2021. For more information, please visit the EWV #12 Call for Proposals page.

EWV 12 – Let’s Do This!!

ICAS 12, our collaborating partner for EWV 12, has recently decided to go ahead with a 100% virtual conference this August, and EWV has agreed to do so as well.

By this point, I think we have all participated in some form of online conference and we all recognize certain pros and cons of that format. Based on such experience, EWV and ICAS are determined to try to enable as many “pros” as possible and to reduce the “cons” of this format for the upcoming conference.

Panel Format

One of the main reasons why we go to conferences is to INTERACT with other people and to get FEEDBACK on our work. With that in mind, the panels at EWV/ICAS will be reserved mainly for DISCUSSION rather than for presenting. All participants will upload a video of their presentation before the conference (and that video will remain available to conference participants for a few weeks beyond the conference), and the panel time will be devoted to DISCUSSING the papers.

To facilitate that process, EWV will assign a discussant to each panel to make sure that there is someone there who has heard all of the presentations, and who has questions ready to facilitate a discussion.

Time Differences

One problem with online conferences is that participants can be in different parts of the world and that can make scheduling very difficult. ICAS is doing its utmost to set up a schedule that will fit people’s normal lives.

Publication Goal

It is always our goal at EWV to guide and nurture some of the papers towards publication. Indeed, a book publication with papers from the previous conference will be out very soon.

With that in mind, we actually see the virtual format of EWV 12 as a positive development in that it will enable us to have considerable interaction with the presentations and presenters. Our hope is that through being able to view the presentations, engage in discussions, and go back and review the presentations, we will be able to develop a plan for encouraging and helping EWV participants interested in producing a publication from the conference to be able to do so.

The Hard Truth

We of course would love to be meeting everyone in Kyoto, but the hard truth is that it is impossible to do so this year, and it is unclear if next summer will be possible either. Meanwhile, time goes on. People who have papers that they are working on now will want to be working on something else come next year.

There are many things that we have had to postpone during the pandemic, but scholarship doesn’t need to wait. We can start engaging with each other’s scholarship, and moving it towards publication, now.

So let’s do this!!


The registration portal for the virtual EWV 12/ICAS 12 is now open! There is an early bird fee that will be available until 15 June 2021.

While the organizational and technical costs of an online EWV 12/ICAS 12 are still substantial, we are happy to inform you that the online registration fees are at a special reduced rate and will therefore be considerably lower than the original in-person fee. For more information on the fees, see the ICAS Registration page.

Engaging With Vietnam

Welcome to Engaging With Vietnam: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue (EWV)!!

EWV is an initiative that seeks to promote the production of cutting-edge scholarship about, or in dialogue with, “Vietnam” in all of its forms, from Vietnam as place to Vietnam as an idea.

Through such means as organizing an annual conference, and assisting scholars to publish their work, EWV always endeavors to create an environment where all can interact as intellectual equals.

Please explore this website, and we look forward to meeting you at the next EWV conference!

Annual Conference

THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE is the hallmark of the Engaging With Vietnam: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue initiative.

It is where scholars present their latest research and it is where we are all exposed to interdisciplinary perspectives on the conference theme through stimulating keynote sessions..

Each year the conference attracts a wide variety of participants, from established to emerging scholars.

Publication Initiative

In addition to publishing a conference proceedings in Vietnam, we also have a publication initiative to help conference participants prepare their papers for submission to international journals or edited volumes.


We are always interested in working with professionals outside of academia, from the arts, to business, to NGOs.​

Engaging With Vietnam’s interdisciplinary dialogues and scholarly engagements extend beyond the annual conference and continue throughout the year. . .

Digital Media

. . .and we document that engagement with DIGITAL MEDIA that we share with the world.